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Granite Consulting Group Inc.
(330) 722-9087
PO Box 140
Litchfield, OH

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Gables Search & Strategies
(330) 321-8029
3593 Medina Rd.
Medina, OH

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(440) 748-7501
10701 S R
Grafton, OH

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Minute Men
(330) 225-0225
825 Pearl Rd
Brunswick, OH

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The Premier Staffing Group
(330) 334-4911
115 Broad Street
Wadsworth, OH

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Ron House Account #2
(330) 764-3987
947 Essex Ln
Medina, OH

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MSK Manufacturing Solutions
(330) 725-0962
2745 Stiegler Rd
Valley City, OH

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(330) 273-1002
P.O. Box 1044
Brunswick, OH
Main Industries / Positions
Human Resources, Other, Engineering

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Premire Staffing Group
(330) 334-4911
115 Broad St
Wadsworth, OH

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iforce® Staffing Agency
(440) 572-8000
14391 Pearl Rd
Strongsville, OH
Main Industries / Positions
Service, Light Industrial, Other

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Staffing Issues

Do you have some guidelines or indicators that could apply to determine staffing levels for the different departments? It would help to know things like how many techs should be handled per service writer or how many salespeople per sales manager.

The members of the Best Operators Club recently held a meeting in Dallas and decided to answer their own question as a part of their discussion. Members present included representatives from Alcoa Good Times Kawasaki/Yamaha (Louisville, Tennessee); Beaverton Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki (Beaverton, Oregon); Dothan Powersports (Dothan, Alabama); Destination Powersports (Marionville, Missouri); The Engelhart Center (Madison, Wisconsin); Motoprimo Motorsports (Lakeville, Minnesota); Neosho Powersports (Neosho, Missouri); Rexburg Motor Sports (Rexburg, Idaho), S&S Powersports (Clarksville, Tennessee), Sloan's Motorcycle & ATV Supercenter (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) and Thompson's Honda & Motorsports (Terra Haute, Indiana).

How many customer opportunities can a salesperson handle per day?

In general, we want to see about six to eight good entries on the showroom log per salesperson per day. It is difficult to expect them to follow the customer satisfaction selling process effectively if they are showing more than that on the log. Out of those six to eight entries, they will actually go through most of the process with maybe 50% of them. We would anticipate a 6% to 10% closing ratio for good entries.

BOC moderator Gart Sutton
pumps his troops up!

In the group's estimation, what is a good entry on the showroom log?

A good entry would be a prospect that is interested in making a major unit purchase. This means the salesperson established rapport and reached the step of probing for their wants and needs. The entry should include the customer's information (name, phone, etc.), the model of interest and the source — what brought them to our store today. We require specifics about the source, such as what newspaper or what radio station spot brought them in. We use this as a tool to track the response to our ads and promotions.

What about the ratio of salespeople to sales managers? How many salespeople can a sales manager handle and still be effective?

Well, there are a number of factors to consider. The number of days you are open during the week and the number of hours you are open per day will have some impact on this for starters.

Taking this into consideration, a good sales manager should still be able to handle about six salespeople. In addition, if they are doing their job correctly and involving themselves in the deals, they should be providing an enhancement of about $200 to $300 per deal.

What about F&I staffing? What are the guidelines you recommend?

If the F&I producer is doing it the right way — presenting 100% of the products to 100% of the customers, 100% of the time — they can only handle six to eight complete presenta...

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