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This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Sales Trainers. You will find informative articles about Sales Trainers, including "Persuasion Power" and "Troop Boosters". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Allentown, PA that can help answer your questions about Sales Trainers.

Sandler Training
(484) 553-6133
5910 Hamilton Blvd.
Allentown, PA
Susan Williams & Associates, LLC
(610) 366-2155
552 Parkside Court
Allentown, PA

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Toshiba Business Solutions
7035 Shantz Road
Allentown, PA

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Small Biz Assist
(610) 366-7816
6011 Fairway Lane
Wescosville, PA

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ActionCOACH of Greater Lehigh Valley/Berks
(610) 438-4666
1275 Glenlivet Drive, Suite 100
Allentown, PA

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Franklin Acquisition Advisors
(877) 827-3227
1005 Brookside Road, Suite 201A
Allentown, PA

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Croy & Associates
(610) 366-8460
4949 Liberty Lane, Suite 160
Allentown, PA

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Schechtman Developmental Services
(610) 390-5014
3711-4 Allen Street
Allentown, PA

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LM Group, LLC
(610) 504-0008
3440 Lehigh Street, #321
Allentown, PA

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Leyden Associates, Inc.
(610) 437-4995
121 North Cedar Crest Boulevard
Allentown, PA

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Persuasion Power

Last month we talked about the principles of persuasion. Logon to to catch up if you missed it. This time I'll show you how you can apply the principles of persuasion so you can be ethical and sleuth-like, and so you'll always sell with integrity. The following are 15 ways to dramatically improve your persuasiveness.

1. Your office, your expertise. How did Cialdini increase patients' compliance with a physical therapist's direction? He replaced the silly motivational posters in the exercise area with the physical therapist's diplomas and other credentials. This reinforced the physical therapist's expertise and subsequently took exercise compliance from 15% to over 34%.

You should do the same thing. If you have a college degree you should consider hanging your diploma in your office. Have you attended workshops, seminars or other education events and received a certificate? Are you AFIP certified? Show your credentials and watch your credibility increase substantially.

2. Consistency. You should own and finance as well. What's the best way to prove to others that you're providing valuable products and services? Heed your own advice. You should ride what you sell and finance as well. Why? Well, what do you call a person who says one thing and does another?

3. You're like me? Hey I like you! When working with customers, find something in common to talk about. The research on this is crystal clear. We want to do business and spend more time with people whom we like and respect, especially people who are like ourselves. Regardless of what that similarity is (sports, politics, your son's pee-wee team — whatever), any genuine similarity that leverages the principle of liking is good.

4. Great bike! An excellent selection . Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered the salmon only to have the waiter compliment you on your selection. "The Salmon is an excellent choice, sir." Now you and I both know that guy is saying the same thing to every other person in that restaurant, regardless of what they order. But there is something to the human condition that supersedes that knowledge. Even though you know this waitperson is probably paying that same compliment to others, somewhere deep down inside your mental conversation replies with something like this: "It is a good choice." So, how can you use this to help you dramatically improve your sales success? When you first meet a new customer, find out what they are interested in and compliment them on their selection. Again, they can be looking at anything in your store: bikes, parts, gear, whatever. Even if it isn't the bike you ride or the jacket you wear, there is always something to like about an item. So pick out the positive and tell them, "Great bike! There's a lot to like about that model. What specifically do you like?"

5. Reciprocity: the cosmic force of the universe. The principle of reciprocity is the idea that people repa...

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Troop Boosters

It’s a great scene from the classic 1981 movie Stripes . In a desperate attempt to pass basic training, army private John Winger, played by Bill Murray, keeps his fellow troops up all night drilling in a last ditch attempt to gain the skills necessary to pass the field test.

The movie cuts to morning as a frantic Winger and company is running, late as usual, to the display field. Disheveled and sleep-deprived, Winger stands at attention on the parade grounds with the rest of his rag-tag troop. A general in full dress standing at a podium on an impressive stage asks, “Where have you been soldier?” Winger responds, “training, sir.”

“What kind of training?” barks the General. Winger replies in a cracked and crooning voice, “Aaarrrmy training, Sir!” To which the entire field adds, “Aaarrrmy training, Sir!” It’s a hilarious show of comic unity.

If you’ve ever felt your troops were in need of some training, here’s what you need to know to turn a rag-tag unit into a fierce selling force.

What Is Training?
There is a difference between presenting, facilitating and training. Presenting is typically the one-way communication of a policy or a program. Facilitation attempts to harness the brain power of the group to solve a problem or create something new.

In training, the person leading the session brings the skill set or the solution to the group and transfers the necessary idea to the group. (This is not to say that participants can’t or shouldn’t make suggestions about how the skills presented can be adapted or refined — they can and they should.)

Attending a presentation means you’ve heard some ideas; with facilitation, you’ve shared some ideas; with training, you come away with new skills.

When To Use Training?
Training is an important and effective tool for improving performance if skill discrepancies exist. How do you determine if there is a skill discrepancy? Could they do it if their life depended on it? If your employee can’t, then quality training is the solution. Typical examples of sales skill deficiencies exist when a salesperson can’t:

• Effectively answer commonly asked questions
• Answer a simple question about the motorcycle
• Respond to customers’ queries about interest rate or monthly payment
• Handle a basic price objection
• Explain why doing business with your dealership is good for the customer
• Doesn’t know how to complete a basic deal worksheet

Four Levels of Development
People have different skill levels in different areas. In sales, I like to break the skill sets into three areas: prospecting, presenting and following up. In each of these areas, most sales people have different levels of ability.

Ability can usually be categorized as one of the following:

Natural: Have you ever heard of someone described...

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